Brief History

October 1939 Dai Nippon Zoki Research Institute founded in Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi
(Representative: Katsuma Sotojiro)
April 1942 Head Office and Factory relocated to Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi
June 1949 Nippon Zoki Allergy Research Institute established for the study and treatment of allergic diseases
December 1954 Konishi Jin-emon joins management as an Executive Advisor
April 1960 Jiro Sugano assumes presidency
August 1960 General sales agent agreement with Shionogi & Co., Ltd. amicably dissolved to start independent marketing
January 1961 Renamed as Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
May 1964 Executive Advisor Konishi Jin-emon assumes presidency
May 1965 Business alliance agreements signed with Biobasal (Switzerland) and Promedica (France)
October 1970 The first French-Japanese Meeting on Allergology held at the University of Paris (subsequently held alternately in Japan and France every three years)
April 1971 Aeropur Japan Co., Ltd. established to manufacture and market the Aeropur® anti-air pollution control system
November 1976 Neurotropin® Special 3 cc released
October 1980 The first Chinese-Japanese Meeting on Immunology and Allergology held in Beijing and Shanghai, China
March 1982 China-Japan Immunology and Hematology Research Center jointly established in Shanghai with the Chinese Ministry of Public Health, with the aim of promoting exchanges in basic medicine and human resources development
June 1983 Completion of the Institute of Bio-Active Science (IBAS)
November 1983 Konishi Foundation for International Exchange founded under charter by the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs
April 1985 The first U.S.S.R.-Bulgaria-Japan Meeting on Physiology of Emotion held in the IBAS International Conference Hall
October 1985 The first French-Japanese-Chinese Meeting on Immunology and Allergology (the sixth French-Japanese Meeting on Allergology and the fifth Chinese-Japanese Meeting on Immunology and Allergology) held in Beijing and Shanghai, China
November 1985 IBAS receives the Green Architecture Prize as part of the Hyogo Prefecture Parks and Greenery Concept
April 1986 Completion of Ono Greenery Factory
NZP group founded for the company's self-protection
July 1987 The first Chinese-Japanese Shanghai International Medical Seminar held
July 1988 Neurotropin® tablet released
October 1988 The seventh French-Japanese Meeting on Allergology (20th anniversary event) held in Clos de Vougeot, France
January 1994 Beijing Liaison Office opened
September 1994 Shanghai Konishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Japan-China joint venture) founded
Import of Neurotropin® tablet approved in China
November 1994 Import of Neurotropin® Special 3 cc approved in China
November 1996 Completion of Technology Research Laboratories
May 1999 Completion of Konishi-MUSC Institute for Inflammation Research
January 2002 Konishi Ryusaku assumes presidency
February 2005 U.S. Liaison Office opened
May 2005 Completion of Shanghai Konishi Biological Technology's Spark Factory
December 2005 Completion of Ono Greenery Factory Manufacturing Building No. 2
November 2007 Completion of IBAS new research building
April 2008 Completion of Formulation Research Laboratories
July 2008 Completion of Qingdao Konishi Biological Technology's new factory
August 2008 White New Zealand rabbit farm completed in Vietnam
September 2009 Tokyo No. 1 and No. 2 Branch Offices relocated to NZP's building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
June 2011 Xiaoxi Medical Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. founded
December 2011 Konishi Biotechnology Vietnam Co., Ltd. founded
December 2013 Nippon Zoki Vietnam Co., Ltd. founded
January 2017 Nippon Zoki Vietnam completes the first phase of rabbit house construction in Yên Bái, Vietnam
March 2020 First-class marketing license for medical devices obtained
August 2020 Head Office relocated to 4-chome, Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
June 2023 Konishi Takafumi assumes presidency