Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart
  • R&Division

    It is responsible for research and development of new drug candidates and enhancing the safety and efficacy of our offerings.

  • Marketing Division

    It is responsible for the provision/gathering of product information and the formulation of post-marketing strategies, as well as management of the nationwide network of branch offices.

  • Production Division

    It is responsible for operations concerning manufacturing, quality control, and ordering and shipping products.

  • Quality Assurance Division

    It is responsible for assuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.
    It is comprised of the Quality Assurance Department and the Safety Management Department.

  • Administrative Division

    It is responsible for the provision of corporate services, including general affairs, personnel affairs, and financial affairs.

  • Business Development and International Business Division

    They are responsible for the creation/roll-out of new businesses and the promotion of NZP's business undertakings concerning pharmaceutical products and medical devices, as well as healthcare services utilizing healthcare IT in Europe, North America, Asia, and elsewhere by establishing partnerships with private enterprises and research institutions across the globe and conducting trade with overseas companies.