A Message from the President

In order to fulfill the great expectations and trust of doctors in orthopedic surgery and other specialty areas, since its foundation in 1939, Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical has been consistently involved in all aspects of pharmaceutical operations from research and development to manufacturing and marketing.

However, at present the healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments are undergoing tremendous changes.

In order for pharmaceutical companies to continually create new drugs and medical devices, it is essential to find new sources of innovation, create innovative solutions with the forerunners in each area, and maximize their value. This is not only so for low-molecular-weight drug discovery but also for the rest of the continually expanding domain, which now includes biopharmaceuticals, gene therapies, and regenerative medicine.

We have started working on drug discovery centered on open innovation in wide-ranging industry-academia collaborations both in Japan and other countries and will further expand these efforts. In addition, armed with more diversified and extensive conceptual capabilities, we will realize a new business model in which we engage in joint development of new drugs and medical devices originating in Japan with various Asian countries, and develop business in them worldwide.

Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical is a company that pursues the ideals of life science and continues to accept challenges for the greater good, based firmly on science. To this end, we believe that there is an urgent need to create a strong and sound management structure that will spur our transformation into a company that will continue to be truly needed by society and allow us to become a successful role model for innovation.

In investing in ambitious business projects with a global reach, Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical’s mission is not only to increase our global value, but also to create meaningful value for Japan. Going forward, we will continue to meet the challenges at the forefront of medical practice in order to maintain our contribution to the healthcare industry.

Konishi Takafumi
June 2023

社長 小西崇文

Konishi Takafumi President & CEO Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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